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Committee Opportunities

  1. Batting Cage Committee – As the cages are put back together, Salem Softball will be responsible for the netting and infrastructure inside the fencing the school has provided us. Skills Needed:  Willing to get down and dirty!  Building out batting cages by installing structure, laying down turf material and hanging nets.  Timing is TBD based on School progress

  2. Lighting Committee – We have an opportunity to be a test sight for a new sports lighting system that our 16U Blue Devils coach is part of. 

    • Skills Needed:  Electrician

    • Help coordinating donated or cheap supplies to replace equipment already in place at the Woodbury Bryan Field. 

  3. Fundraising Committee – The days of tagging may have come and gone.  We saw a lot of success this past year with fundraising a different way and want to keep the ideas coming.  This committee would help to organize fundraising from idea generation, to team distribution and collection and reporting/hand off to the treasurer.

    • Skills Needed:  Creative and Organized

  4. Clinic Committee – In partnership with the coaches of Salem High and a few friends of Salem Softball that offer private pitching and hitting clinics, we would like to organize a winter clinics schedule that will help young athletes develop the skills needed to play softball come the spring. 

    • Organizer willing to help coordinate facilitates, dates and volunteer availability

    • Volunteers to help run stations and organize the kids



Board Roles

  1. President
  2. Vice President of Operations - Oversee and Support Travel Division, Rec Division, Player Agent, Legaue Scheduler and Web Admin
  3. Vice President of Support - Oversee and Support Field Maintenance, Equiptment Manager, Sponsorship Coordinator, Clinic Coordinator
  4. Treasurer - Manage income and expenses of the overall league including but not limited too:
    -Tournament Payments
    -Umpire Payments
    -Player Enrollment income for all divisions
    -Determine budget for new equipment needs
    -Ensuring overall balance sheet of the league
    -Help determine cost of enrollment for Rec
    -Help determine cost of enrollment for travel
  5. Secretary
  6. League Scheduler
    -Partner with Player Agent to create divisions and teams
    -Prepare schedules for practices, games, scrimmages and tournaments in partnership with Division Directors
    -Coordinate Umpires (including coordinating payments)
    -Work with rec and school department to determine field availability
    -Managing scheduling conflicts across the league
    -Ensuring the correct field information is in the system
  7. Director of Recreation Division
    -Finding Coaches
    -Understand and educate coaches on game rules and practice plans
    -Coordinating with other towns as needed
    -Coordinating with League Scheduling
    -Ensure umpires are assigned for in town games
    -Managing of t-shirt orders
    -Play off seeding/standings are maintained
    -End of season awards/celebrations
    -Player or Division Issue
    -Picture Day
  8. Director of Travel Division
    -Provide visibility to travel coaches re: tournaments
    -Ensure coaches have the proper certifications and background checks
    -Assist coaches with creating binders for tournament teams (Player Cards, USA Certified, Insurance, BC, etc)
    -Develops structure for cost, try outs, uniforms etc that is consistent at all levels
    -Point of contact for USA of NH and Babe Ruth of NH
    -Design and oversee annual tryouts (including evaluator forms, organizing evaluators and advertising)
    -Working with coaches and treasurer to pay for and register for tournaments
    -First Escalation point for issues in the division
    -Look for new fundraising opportunities for travel
  9. Sponsorship and Volunteer Coordinator
    -Gather volunteers – 
    -Volunteer umps for tball and 8U
    -Managing tag day or other fundraisers
    -Schedule volunteers to run fundraisers
    -Look for new fundraising opportunities
  10. Equiptment Manager 
    -Ensure equipment is safe
    -Maintain Inventory, determines equipment needs and manages ordering
    -Manage coaches equipment bag distribution and collection
    -Point of contact for coaches who need anything
  11. Player Agent 
    -Ensure resident and age eligibility
    -Establishes and maintains the seasonal opening/closing registrations (fall and spring rec)
    -Oversees and manages player draft and all other player transaction
    -Establish team structures and updates website