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Reminder Covid Form Due tonight
by posted 09/27/2020


As another reminder please print and sign the COVID 19 Waiver form found on the website under documents and return to me before our Sunday game:  https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Text/Documents/5334/74877.pdf

I have only received this from 1 parent. Please print and sign this tonight and be sure your player has it with them at Wednesdays practice. This is very important.



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Reminder tomorrow's game 930am, arrive by 859am
by posted 09/26/2020

Team, As a reminder tomorrow's gane is in Derry at 930am. Please arrive as close to 859am as possible as there is a game behind us for Salem travel and I'd like to try and start early. Field info Sun, 9/27 9:30am Derry (D1) Derry Veteran's FIeld This is over by Parkland Medical Center. Jason 7819532485

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by posted 09/25/2020


Please print and sign the COVID 19 Waiver form found on the website under documents and return to me before our Sunday game:  https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Text/Documents/5334/74877.pdf

As a reminder, before EVERY PRACTICE parents are responsible for

  •          temperature checking athletes in a controlled environment to ensure normal reading
  •          If your child is not feeling well please keep them home.


During Practice:

·         Parents must maintain 6ft social distancing, if unable to do so, wear a mask

  •          All water bottles must be CLEARLY labeled to not confuse during practice (NO SHARING)
  •          No gum or sunflower seeds
  •          Dug Outs will be extended to allow for social distancing
  •          Players personal bags will be 6ft apart from each other
  •          Masks are not required unless social distancing can not be maintained
  •          Coaches will have hand sanitizer available to sanitize before, during and after practice
  •          Each player should carry their own hand sanitizer in their bag as well


Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.  

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Practice tonight is at 5:30pm Salem High Field
by posted 09/23/2020



Please be sure you fill out the Covid-19 Health Check Form BEFORE arriving at the field today and moving forward before every practice and game (please and thank you).



As a reminder, practice tonight is at 5:30pm at the Salem High Field (same as last week). Please try and arrive as close to 5:30 as possible. Practice will run to dusk which may be BEFORE 7:00pm.


See you tonight.


Jason Dailey


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tonight's practice and this Sunday away game in Hudson NH
by posted 09/16/2020


Everyone did great tonight and really came together.

Our first game is this Sunday at 930am in Hudson NH. Please arrive by 9am for warm ups. The field is a bit of hike, 27 minutes from my house.

Hudson field information:

Kiwanis Field at 75 Cross St in Hudson NH. This is over near Tbones in Hudson off 111.


Also, each girl needs a fielding face mask and a batting helmet for games and practices. They have them at Dicks as well as Walmart.

Not required but helpful:

baseball or softball pants, again these aren't required but its helpful for both sliding, and they're durable for running the bases.

Each needs their own bat as with covid we're not able to share equipment the way used to.


Please let me know if anyone needs anything, or has any questions or concerns. 

Special thanks to my other coaches, Rich King and Amanda Moreau!

Jason Dailey



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by posted 09/14/2020


Our next practice is this Wednesday 5:25pm-7:00pm on the Salem High Softball field behind Woodbury (far field with lights).


Please have the girls wear pants as we will be doing some base running and potentially sliding this week. If your daughter is a catcher, please be sure she brings her own gear.


Also, please ensure the Covid Waiver is completed for your player by the end of the week.


Read through the Covid guidelines and complete the Health assessment with temperature checks, use this link to complete prior to the start of practice - the link to the form, which can be accessed by any device with an internet connection: https://forms.gle/wuZ7QgrpgQ546chu9

Covid Guidelines

- Phase 2 guidelines attached in a summarized power point. Full Guidelines can be found here:  https://www.nheconomy.com/getmedia/af1bc8a4-98e4-4700-b724-fe5cdfb9a005/guidance-amateursports.pdf

- Please ensure the girls keep their bags 6 feet apart at practices and games. 

- Encourage girls to bring their own chairs to games to allow for social distancing outside of dugouts or in an extended dug out area. 

- Kids are not required to wear masks on the field and coaches should wear masks when social distancing cannot be observed. 

- Health Questionnaire and Temp checks must be completed by parents before the start of each practice.

- the link to the form, which can be accessed by any device with an internet connection: https://forms.gle/wuZ7QgrpgQ546chu9 - In addition, here is a link to a video on how to add a home page icon to your iPhone that will take you right to the form: https://youtu.be/2ndItq07bIk
Phase2_Practice Guidelines.pptx

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