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Salem Softball parents and players,

In light of the current pandemic and the Governors decision to not have students return to traditional classrooms this year, we've decided with heavy hearts to cancel the Spring RECREATION league softball season. This is regarding the rec season only and does not currently impact travel softball.

Our focus will now shift as a board to preparing for the fall 2020 rec season.

We've immediately begun the refund process for 2020 spring REC softball registrations. Here are more details below.

Those that used a credit card, it will automatically be refunded into the account originally used. Please be advised that can take up to 5 days to display in your credit card account.

If you mailed a check and we cashed it: we will send a check to the address on file under the child's registration, please make sure the address in your salem softball account is up to date/correct.

If you mailed a check and we have not yet cashed it (later registrations),it'll be torn up instead of mailed.

Thank you again for your patience as we navigate these unchartered waters. Stay healthy and safe and we'll see you all in the fall for REC softball.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact me directly as a central point of contact.

Jason Dailey
Salem Softball

How to add your team's schedule to your iphone:


This *may* work for Android too, I don't know, but here is how you add the team events to your phone's calendar without manually having to enter anything.  It will also update automatically when changes happen:

  • From Safari (or your phone's browser), go to
  • Go to Teams --> Select a team (select your team)
  • You should now be on the team News page.  Tap Teams --> Schedule
  • Now that you are on the schedule page, notice that to the right of the word "Schedule" is a calendar icon with a bit of red on it.  Tap it and you will see a pop up asking if you want to subscribe.  Tab "Subscribe".  This adds the team calendar to your iphone.
  • Note:  If you don't see the events for the team in your phone's calendar, you may need to go to the list of calendars and make sure it's selected.  On an Iphone, this is done by tapping the "calendars" menu on the bottom center of the screen when in the Calendar app.
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